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I too was disappointed by other breast enhancement pills and creams. In fact, my body issues just got worse after I spent time, money and energy on other breast enlargement supplements, creams and contraptions. Every time, I would get my hopes up, wishing and praying that my very small breasts would actually respond to a new treatment. Each time, my hopes were dashed, and I was left feeling even worse about my own body.

Breast ActivesI didn’t give up. I wasn’t ready for breast enhancement surgery (I never will be) and I just couldn’t let go of the dream. I felt in my heart that a natural remedy for my very small breast size was out there. However, it took a while to find it. The truth is, I found Breast Actives through a Facebook friend. She’d been posting a review and pictures of herself in a bikini, and I couldn’t help but notice the pronounced change in her breast size.

Assuming that she has plastic surgery, I felt a stab of envy every time that I saw her latest photographs. She looked amazing, like one of those Victoria’s Secret runway models. I just couldn’t believe what a big difference bigger breast size makes in a woman’s appearance! Inspired by her new look, I sent her a private email on Facebook, telling her that she really looked fantastic. I didn’t mention the fact that she had gotten implants. I didn’t think it was my place to bring it up. I just said I couldn’t believe how great her body looked.

Anyway, she wrote back, telling me that she’d changed her shape the natural way. She told me that her larger breasts, which were dramatically bigger than they used to be, were the result of four months of therapy with safe, all natural Breast Actives.

Immediately, I Googled the product. Since I knew my Facebook friend so well (we went to high school together), I was certain that she was telling the truth about this natural breast enhancement product. I ordered my own supply without even reading up on the ingredients. I was just so excited about finally finding the “golden ticket” for breast enhancement! Afterwards, I calmed down, reading up on the formula while I waited for my order to arrive. Within days, I had my own supply of Breast Actives, and I began an exciting new journey that allowed me to throw away my padded bras forever…

Change Takes Time, So Do Be Patient…

At first, I didn’t really notice a significant change. After a few days, I felt downcast, and I emailed my friend again, telling her that Breast Actives just wasn’t cutting it. However, she told me that patience is a virtue. When she took the product, it took a few weeks before she noticed a real improvement. So, I faithfully stuck with the program, which was really just so easy to follow. After all, I just had to swallow 2 capsules and apply the cream each day. It wasn’t hard to stick with that. My persistence paid off.

After a few weeks, I too noticed measurable fullness in my breasts. Instead of looking into the mirror each day and mentally cursing my genes (which are the reason why I have always had a very flat chest). I was able to look into the mirror and marvel at the changes in my own body. The firmness, fullness and sexy, plush look that I’d admired (and been jealous of) in other women was now a part of me. I knew that if I continued on my new regimen, my breasts would become even bigger. It was really a wonderful time in my life. After all, dreams don’t come true every day.

It took about six months for me to move from a padded “A” cup to a full “C” cup. Considering all of the months (years?) that I wasted trying other useless breast enhancement pills , six months was very fast indeed. Since results appeared gradually, it was so easy to stay motivated.

If you want full, lush, sexy breasts that are beautiful and guaranteed to spark your self-confidence, you should try Breast Actives, too. Because it is the real thing, rather than just another scam product, it’s designed to create the sort of pin-up girl silhouette that makes you feel like more of a woman…

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