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herbal breast enhancement productsThese days, a number of men and women alike perceive larger breasts to be more attractive. At the same time, technology has allowed women to get larger breasts through plastic surgery that are expensive and at times even dangerous.

The society has prejudices over women who have udergone plastic surgery not only because of the hazards it poses but because of the fact that it isn’t natural.  But unknown to many, there are still ways to enhance one’s breasts – though herbal breast enhancement products.

These herbs for breast enlargement have been used for centuries now and have been a part of the herbal regimens of the ancient doctors. Unlike plastic surgeries that show drastic change, natural  breast enhancement would need time. Breasts will not increase overnight with the use of herbal pills. It would be gradual and would take a few weeks and months for the results to show.

But unlike plastic surgery, these products has no side effects. Most herbal supplement are given GRASE (generally regarded as safe and effective), a safety rating by the Food and Drug Administration.

The herbs used for these herbal enhancement pills  contain a chemical called phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant-derived compounds that function like the female hormone, estrogen. Because it has similar functions with estrogen, it can also cause the breasts to enlarge just as estrogen can increase the breast size of women.

According to a study conducted by Canadian researches, phytoestrogens can be found in nuts and oilseeds, in cereals and breads, legumes, meat products and soy products. Out of all of these food products, flax seed and other oilseeds have the highest phytoestrogen content. It is then followed by soybeans and tofu.

Aside from breast enhancement, phytoestrogens have been said to also prevent the growth of cancer. Studies have shown that soy estrogens have been able to decrease mortality in female cancer patients and prevent recurrence.

There are a lot of available herbal breast enhancement products in the market. Taking into consideration the aforementioned information, it is wise for your health to look for breast enhancement pills that have or made out of flax seed or oilseed and contain dong quai and fennel. Other herbs in herbal breast enhancement supplements are  are Fennel, fenugreek, red clover, saw palmetto, and wild yam and can be found in health stores or purchased from online supplier. Try first one herb and later a few more or use an proven natural  product like Breast Actives.

There is nothing wrong with wishing that your breasts were bigger. Bigger cup sizes can boost one’s confidence. Just always remember that in taking supplements you must always be aware of what you intake. Take note of its ingredients and know what they are. It would also be wise to research about the said herbs before taking it.

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