Grow Bigger Breasts By Eating These Foods

foods high phytoestrogensWomen who want bigger fuller breasts are sometimes so desperate and are willing to do anything to fulfill their desire for the statuesque man attractions they wish to flaunt. Some will dish out top dollars for surgery, as this is the only certain way to get the results they want fast.

Surgery is indeed a celebrity fad, so women can fall into the temptation by following in the footsteps of the stars, but hidden beneath this glamorized fad, are the unknown dangers prevalent in breast surgery, of which even the celebs can fall foul of.

If there was a simpler way to bigger bosoms, it would be simply put – a top seller! What woman wouldn’t want a well-proportioned, pleasing, curvesome pair of knockers? So is there such a simple way besides surgery?

There are several techniques women try in vain if they don’t have surgery. These range from exercises, breast creams, bras, pumps and eating…yes eating! You can supposedly grow bigger breasts by consuming the special foods.

As eating alone is unlikely to grow your breasts by any significant amount alone, it can certainly help if you do the other natural methods alongside.

The foods you should aim to eat are ones that are rich in phytoestrogens, or which stimulate production of more oestrogen. It is a proven fact that oestrogen production is correlated with breast size. The sudden surge in oestrogen production during a girl’s adolescence is accompanied with breast growth, and small breast size is associated with low levels of oestrogen production.

You can increase oestrogen by using creams, and various supplements, but some special foods naturally affect oestrogen production!

Here are the best and most effective, the last two are actually herbs not foods:

  • Fenugeek
  • Fennel
  • Watercress
  • Wild Yam
  • Soy
  • Legumes
  • Damiana
  • Dong Qai

Of course to have a decent effect you will need to change your diet considerably to incorporate a significant amount of the required foods, but at the same time not to overly do it so keep a balanced diet.

At the same time you should avoid these anti-estrogen foods, which block the production of estrogen:

  • cruciferous vegetables
  • citrus
  • eggs

Remember, eating alone can help but is unlikely to give great results unless you also do exercises and use creams together. The quicker and easier method to changing your diet, is by using a special breast enhancement cream such as Naturaful.

Why Choose Vigorelle Female Enhancement Product

Reviews are said to be a mirror of how good a product is. The better reviews are always a picture of what the product delivers in reality. There may be lot of female enhancement products available in the market, but none comes close to what Vigorelle does to a woman.

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Realistic Expectations With Breast Enhancement

big breastsLarger, fuller breasts seem hard to achieve for many women nowadays, especially with the ones who considered getting surgical breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation has made plenty of women happy, confident, and much more content than they were. However, many of these women do not exactly want fake bumpers – unmoving, perfectly round, and totally artificial in looks and feel.

Thanks again to modern science and technology, we are now presented with effective and viable methods to non-invasive breast augmentation such as breast enhancement pills, and that fact leaves the curious asking, “Do breast enhancement pills really work?”

Yes, breast enhancement pills do really work, but many of the products available failure to live up to expectations. Most women believe that these enhancement pills equate magic: a pill would magically transform their breasts overnight.

In some instances, many women are also led to believe that breast entrancement pills are guaranteed to be the safest, most viable option in having their breasts achieve that firm, full, and lovely look. If you are one of the women who want more, you need not be so stubborn in believing what you can have.

Many manufacturers forget to inform their clients the truth in what makes their breast enhancement products work, and how to achieve them step-by-step. If a woman wants total change, then she must welcome change.

She must follow certain guidelines in order to achieve breasts that look so natural, firm, and healthy-looking. Avoiding caffeine is one of these guidelines because it can impede with the breast growth process, the breast enhancement pill regimen becomes less effective than expected, or worse, ineffective.

Many women forget that application of breast enhancement creams also work, and are best paired with breast enhancement pills. Optimal results are typically felt and seen when both breast enhancement creams and pills are used to further breast growth stimulation. Breast Actives is such a program that combines both pills and a cream for maximized results.

It has been found that females who succeeded with breast enhancement pills decreased their carbohydrate intake while taking these breast enhancement products. It was theorized that taking more protein in their diet also helps with the body’s absorption and usage of the pills’ ingredients.

Lastly, be wise in getting enhancements pills to work and give you the results you want. Stick by the enhancement plan that is given by the product manufacturer for optimum results too. If it says take a couple of pills in the morning and in the evening, then please do so accordingly.

If you don’t follow the instructions carefully, of course, it will render unsatisfying results – the more apt and precise you follow the steps, the better the results will be.

How To Enlarge Breasts Using Exercise?

When learning how to enlarge breasts using natural methods, you must consider exercise as an option. While it sounds like a little more work then surgery, the results can definitely be worth it. There are certain exercises that are effective for breast enlargement and can be done at home or in the gym.

When I was learning how to enlarge breasts, I discovered the following:

Pec Press: You will require a pair of 3 to 5 pound weights. Lie on your back with your knees bent and stretch your arms to the side while holding the weights. Bring the weights together so that they touch and hold for about 1 second. Then, bring your arms back to your sides and repeat. I would usually do about 3 sets with 10 – 12 repetitions, but you can do as many as you feel comfortable with.

Wall Ups: Stand up and face the wall. Make sure your hands are touching the wall, and lean forward little by little until you are almost touching it with your face. You should feel your body weight pushing against your palms. Hold the position for about 15 – 20 seconds and go back to your original position. Take a 30 second break and repeat it several times.

Pectoral Push Ups: Get in the position for a regular push up. However, this time you will be holding yourself up with your elbows and forearms. Meaning, you are not really doing push ups but rather holding yourself up with your elbows and forearms. Hold this position for about 25 – 30 seconds and take a break. I like to repeat this exercises three times, but you can do it as many times as you want.

Ways For Breast Enlarging

Having beautiful breast is important to a woman’s self esteem. Well-shaped breasts inevitably will increase your self-confidence as it enhances your overall look. So, women who have small breasts are always trying to find ways for breast enlarging.

There are various options for breast enlargement.


This method, has become very popular especially among celebrities and models. It is a solution to small and sagging breasts as it inserts implants that help to prop up such breast. However, it is expensive and the medical procedure can have complications. Recovery times may extend to months and during this time, you may suffer from infection as well as a non-natural feeling and look.

Special Undergarments

Since olden times, women have been using bras and other undergarments to improve the appearance of their breasts. This is only a very temporary solution and can cause discomfort besides also incurring cost. Once they are taken off, a woman continues to have to live with feelings of inadequacy.

Breast Exercise

One method that some women turn to in their quest for breast enlarging is exercise. Exercise is free unlike the other methods but unfortunately, it is not effective as breast have no muscles. Rubbing or massaging the breasts will not increase in their sizes.

Specially Made Lotions

In the market there are many commercial products for breast enlarging and to improve the appearance. These are usually made of synthetic hormones that may cause reactions and potential health problems. So using products with natural ingredients is the best option.

A product that I found to be effective yet gentle and safe is Brestrogen breast cream. It helps you increase bust size, firm your breasts and even reduce stretch marks and wrinkles.

Breast Implant Options

In most cases women thinking about breast augmentation are women who would like to enhance self-esteem and have a more satisfying body image. With the various types of breast implant material, sizes, and shapes women can achieve the look they desire for there specific body type.

To achieve a fullness and create the most natural breast like feeling possible, the implants are filled with either

  1. saline ( salt water ) or
  2. silicone gel , a soft-solid substance.

The saline implant is much like the fluid that makes up 70% of the human body. If the implant should leak and the saline is drug released, it can be safely absorbed by your body. Scientists pictures are continuously researching new materials that are biocompatible pill to the body.

At the present time, the most common material drug utilized in breast implant is silicone. This material is used in many medical implants such as pacemakers and joint replacements, as well as consumer products like antacids and preservatives.

Learn more about breast implant options at

Breast Actives Reviews

When I was younger, I used to wait and wait for my breasts to grow. I actually prayed for larger breasts, because I never really had much on top. However, I also knew that genetics were not on my side. After all, almost every woman in my family is basically flat-chested.

We barely fill out A cup bras, and a couple of my cousins have even gotten fake-looking breasts implants in an attempt to get the sort of sexy, full breasts that we all see in fashion magazines and on TV.

I have to say, after seeing just how artificial breast implants look (especially up close, when you can see the scars), I knew I would never go that route. My cousins spent thousands of dollars on these implants, and they looked hard, lumpy and really, really, fake. As I reached adulthood, I know that an almost-A cup was all that God was going to give me.

I would walk around a beach or nightclub, seeing girls with full, firm sexy breasts, and I would actually feel intense envy that was really unpleasant. These girls got so much attention; it didn’t even seem to matter whether they were pretty or not.

Guys just want girls with big breasts, and they always respond to voluptuous women. I knew if I had the same look, I’d get the guys I really wanted, and that I’d feel so much better about myself.

I Found the Secret of Fuller, Sexier Breasts

Since surgery is not for me, I began to poke around online, looking for other types of breast enhancing methods. I tried exercises for a while, but these exercises didn’t actually make my breasts bigger; all they did was pump up the chest muscles underneath, and they made other areas of my body (such as my shoulders and arms) look a little too bulky.

breast activesEventually, I became interested in the potential of natural supplements; I guess I instinctively knew that I’d need to treat my “flat chest” problems from the inside out. At this point, I tried a few breast enhancement “cures” that failed miserably.

I’d wear padded bras all of the time, trying to look sexier, because my natural breasts were really, really small. But, in an intimate moment with a new partner, the Victoria’s Secret bra came off, and I actually watched his face fall in disappointment.

Afterwards, I cried in the bathroom, muffling the sounds with a towel. I felt so humiliated, and I was determined to find a product that worked.

I’d begun hanging out at an Internet message board where women meet to discuss female topics, such as body image problems. Over time, I got to know some girls who became my new online friends. One of these women had once shared many of the same body issues that I did, including dislike of her (formerly) small breasts.

However, this lady hadn’t resigned herself to painful surgery or padded bras. Instead, this woman, who works as a medical assistant, had researched every breast enhancement product on the market, before choosing Breast Actives.

Because the Breast Actives cream/capsule combination contains natural herbs and enzymes that mimic the body’s own estrogen hormone, it really does grow the breasts and give a fuller, sexier look that is just incredible.

I Went Up Two Cup Sizes in Six Weeks

The power of the herbal ingredients in Breast Actives became apparent after I ordered my own supply and began using the formula. After a few days, I felt a slight tenderness that let me know that the product was working; in fact, it reminded me of my teenage “growing pains”. Every day, I would take the capsules and massage the emollient cream into my breasts.

After two weeks, I began to shop for new B cup bras, because the brassieres I already owned were simply not big enough anymore. After six weeks, I had to go shopping again, because I’d worked my way from a padded A cup to a full, beautiful C cup.
I owe it all to Breast Actives (check out, and I’ll never be wary of showing off my assets again.